Work Redesign

for Individuals and Employees

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One of the most important steps toward making time and space for the things you value most in life is to redesign your approach to work. Our community members have worked remotely, tested compressed or reduced workweeks, learned how to set healthy boundaries, had courageous conversations with managers, taken summers off, improved equality in their workplace, and so much more. Here you can find our best resources and our dedicated programming to help you start redesigning work in a way that supports your goals.

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Check our latest podcasts, blog posts, and stories about work redesign. Learn how our community members are finding new and unique ways to approach work in all life stages.

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Change is Possible!

November 6, 2023

Is remote work working for you but others are returning to the office? How do you convince your boss to continue?

Stop! Take A Break!

June 2, 2022

Need a pause? Luckily, there is lots of evidence that proves how taking a pause helps us live happier lives.

Pursuit of Happiness

May 25, 2022

People at ThirdPath show us how pushing back at overwhelm is good for their lives and good for their workplaces.

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Too many of us find ourselves overextended at work, making sacrifices at home, and sidelining our own needs to recharge because of more immediate responsibilities. Do you want to change this pattern and stop feeling like you never have enough time for the things you really care about? Then this book is for you.

The ThirdPath Leader will help you take stock of your own priorities, time, and abilities to make purposeful change and build a more intentional, meaningful, and rewarding life at home and at work.

Plus,The ThirdPath Leader includes proven exercises to help you and your family members begin your journey today.

Join an Overwhelm Mitigation Group!

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ThirdPath’s Overwhelm Mitigation Groups (OMGs) bring together professionals at all career stages who want to redesign their approach to work-life integration.

Over a series of twelve virtual meetings, OMG participants master ten tools that will help them make bold and impactful changes at work and at home. Join us to start creating your own unique "third path."

Our OMGs are led by experts trained in the science of work-life integration. Not only will they teach you integration tools, they will also serve as mentors to the whole group.

Participants will develop a better understanding of how to push back against their sense of overwhelm, create more time for important life goals, and increase their work effectiveness.

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Free Resources

Want to start creating an “integrated” approach to work and life right now? Check out our free resources to help get you started today. Download exercises and case studies to help you take stock of your current situation and design your own unique third path.

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Thursdays with ThirdPath

On the second Thursday of every month we host free live podcasts to learn about the science and future of work-life integration. During these interactive discussions we showcase individuals who have followed an integrated approach to work and life. This season, our theme is “Integrating Work and Life: The 'New Ideal Employee.'”