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Welcome to the ThirdPath Story Library! Whether you're just discovering your own third path or you've been forging your unique path for many years, we hope you'll use our Story Library as a place for inspiration. Here you can find a collection of informative, instructive, and meaningful stories that describe out-of-the-box approaches to work-life integration–stories where individuals, families and organizations take bold steps to create their own third path to work and life.

This Story Library serves as a community resource of case studies and tools that give individuals hoping to design their own unique solution a place to start learning. Through the Story Library, we're create a better understanding of the benefits and challenges of different approaches. We’re also compiling best practices, how to work through conflict, and how to troubleshoot complexities when we feel overwhelmed with work or life.

Not sure where to start? Check out the videos below to learn about how multi-generational living, thinking in new ways about work, shared parenting, community-building, and rethinking gender roles can help you begin to imagine your own third path. Remember: the themes of these stories overlap, and you're likely to find new ideas even from someone whose personal experiences and choices are quite different from your own!

La Rita brings an extraordinary perspective to parenting and grandparenting. Learn how she communicates with her multi-generational family when it comes to caretaking--and manages her own self-care.

Lisa is living in a four-generation household, caring for her grandchildren and father! Here she talks about the ups and downs of multi-generational living and care work.

How can you find greater flexibility, even with no family support close by? Choose your own family! Molly and Erin talk about how they have created their own family-by-choice, and why friendship is so essential.

Julian worked the night shift so he could share in the care of his three daughters. Here he talks about why being present for his kids was so important to him.

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