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Our ILAs are at the heart of our community!


ThirdPath has a thriving community of work-life integration professionals dedicated to helping individuals, couples, teams and leaders on their path to an integrated approach to work and life. These professionals include work-life coaches, couples and career counselors, HR experts and other passionate individuals dedicated to learning about the science of work-life integration. Our Integrated Life Advocates (ILAs) support our programming as leaders and instructors as we lead a movement for change across the United States (and beyond!)

Our ILAs Help Us Practice What We Preach


Supporting Our Community

Our ILAs play a critical role helping the ThirdPath community reach for their work-life integration goals, both as experts providing one-on-one support and by helping run our events and learning groups.

Watch this video to see two ThirdPath ILAs put our ideas into action.


The Science of Work-Life Integration

For over two decades, ThirdPath ILAs have been learning about the "Whole System" approach to change, and exploring how the most creative solutions come from thinking in new ways at work AND home.

Listen to this podcast to hear our Founder describe the "Whole System" concept.


The ThirdPath Approach

It's not easy to follow an integrated approach to work and life, but the more we practice these ideas in our own lives, the more we can help promote change among our clients and colleagues.

Watch this video to see how our ILAs are practicing work-life integration.

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Our Integrated Life Advocates Forum

Every other year we host an ILA Forum, bringing together our ILA community to share information and learn new practices for improving our collective knowledge around implementing the science of work-life integration - both at work and at home. Our next forum is in 2023. To learn more about our upcoming ILA activities, or to meet our current ILAs, send us an email by filling out the form below!

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