Create Time for Life by Redesigning Work and Home

2024 ThirdPath Virtual Parents Forum

Empowering families with expert strategies to optimize work & life’s responsibilities

"Soon-to-be and seasoned parents who attended previous Forums called it a 'light-bulb moment,' a 'turning point' a 'a chance to connect with my people.'"

Jessica DeGroot, Founder




Discover new solutions to managing work and family that avoid burnout.




Gain support for both partners’ professional and parenting goals across career and family stages.




Reimagine work and life goals in a post-pandemic world.

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Join a diverse community with shared experiences and challenges.

Our fast-paced world causes stress from unrelenting job demands, family responsibilities, and change.

Despite your best efforts to push through the competing demands, you’re frustrated, confused, and maybe even a little hopeless that things won't get better anytime soon.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing to work and parent.


💡 Imagine if you could... 💡

  • Feel SECURE and SUCCESSFUL at work without sacrificing your evenings, weekends, and family vacations.
  • Divide parenting and home management responsibilities WITHOUT RESENTMENT or self-doubt.
  • Spend QUALITY TIME with the people who matter most.
  • Find BREATHING ROOM to take care of yourself in a life that can sometimes feel too crazy busy.

No matter your situation, it doesn’t have to be this way. ThirdPath can help you create time for life by redesigning work, family, and other life priorities.


Discover New Solutions and Skills

  • REDESIGN work to create more time for life.
  • SUPPORT career and family goals.
  • EXPLORE a life-centered approach to finances to create time freedom.
  • CHAMPION a work-care balance that supports modern families.

Answer Important Questions

How do I:

  • CONTINUE to work remotely when others have returned to the office?
  • AVOID falling into traditional gender roles around family care? 
  • BALANCE family care with financial needs?
  • REDESIGN work and life for less stress and more breathing room?

An Event Designed Just for You

The Forum takes place over 3 days and is designed so you can flex work or life activities around participating in the event. The registration fee covers the 3-day virtual event.

  • Designed for FLEXIBILITY
  • SPREAD OUT over time
  • Completely VIRTUAL
  • INTERACTIVE workshops
  • Tangible TAKEAWAYS
  • REAL Connections

Forum Schedule

April 19th
1pm - 3:30pm ET

April 24th
3:30pm - 5pm ET

April 26th
1pm - 3:30pm ET

Meet People Just Like YOU!

  • FATHERS who want more time for family care.
  • SINGLE PARENTS who are following a “third path” – time for their career, their children and themselves.
  • Parents who gain EXTRA SUPPORT from extended family, and friends.
  • Parents who want to STRENGTHEN THEIR RELATIONSHIP to their children and to each other.
  • Parents who want to make sure their PARENTAL LEAVE GOALS align with their career goals.

Meet Our Experts

Amy Beacon, phd

Amy Beacom, PhD

Author, The Parental Leave Playbook


Ed Frauenheim

Author, Reinventing Masculinity


Kyra Cavanaugh

Author, Who Works Where and Who Cares


Kate Mangino

Equal Partners


Bryn Jones

Executive and Team Coach, ThirdPath ILA

JH Headshot Color

Judy Hughes

Work-Life Manager, ThirdPath ILA


Karen Salinas

Health & Wellness Coach, ThirdPath ILA

Heather Cluley

Heather Cluley

Professor HR Development, ThirdPath ILA

Wednesday Workshops

Preparing for Parental Leave

Steps We Can Take to Create High Performing Hybrid Work Teams

Sharing the Mental Load at Home

Reinventing Fathering and Families

Strengthening Your Grandparent Support

Friday Workshops

Work Family Balance and Finances

Teens and Technology

Building in Breathing Room

Building Your Team for Elder Care

Setting Boundaries at Work to Create More Energy for Life

Testimonials from Past Attendees

Amy Feagin

 I love getting to talk to others from different stages in life and different parts of the country to get their perspective on common struggles.

Laurel Smail

It was the much needed "think time" that we don't often get in our daily jobs that allows for us to expand, inspire and change our thinking on things. 

Roger Trombley

It's always inspiring how varied the solutions and the applications of the ThirdPath lifestyle are!

Manasi Long

 I really enjoyed how open and transparent everyone was about their own personal circumstances.

Gary Abud

Remind myself that there are busy seasons, but chronic busyness is unworkable.


🌟 Are you ready for a game-changer in your parenting journey? 🌟

Are you poised to transform your work and parenting to design a life that aligns with your deepest values? Say goodbye to the endless search for piecemeal advice. It's time to embark on a journey that will redefine how you integrate work and life.

🔍 Discover Unparalleled Resources 🔍

Dive into ThirdPath's rich reservoir of knowledge, brimming with strategies and tools tailored for today’s parent. This is your chance to get ahead of the curve with insights that are not just relevant, but revolutionary.

🤝 Connect with Your Community 🤝

Parenting is not a solo sport. It's about the village, the community that rallies around you. At the Forum, you'll meet parents from all walks of life, each with their own stories and experiences. This is your chance to find a support network and to share in the joys and challenges of working and parenting.

💡 Join Opportunities to Spark Change 💡

But it's not just about information and connections — it's about transformation. Opportunities to engage with new ideas, to try out innovative tools, and to participate in discussions that could redefine your working parent approach. This is an opportunity to create the life you want.