Overwhelm Mitigation Groups (OMGs)

ThirdPath’s Overwhelm Mitigation Groups (OMGs) bring together professionals at all career stages who want to redesign their approach to Work-Life Integration. Over a series of twelve virtual meetings, OMG participants master ten tools that help them make bold and impactful changes at work and home.

Our OMG 12-call series is led by experts trained in the science of Work-Life Integration. They have put ThirdPath's key integration tools into practice in their own lives, and can teach you to do the same.

The topics covered represent causes of overwhelm that can be changed with insight and planning.  The live group sessions foster a supportive community and encourage everyone to experiment with new ideas in real time and over the course of the series. The combination of on-going support and expert facilitation provides the “secret sauce” to ThirdPath's OMG experience.

Every participant will leave with new ideas to help them become more effective at work, reduce their sense of overwhelm, and expand their options for meeting caregiving responsibilities and life goals.

Assess your overwhelm mitigation skills

Take our “Work Stress Score” survey to assess your current success around Work-Life Integration.  Let us show you how a commitment to your life goals can help you:

  • Learn how everyone is more effective at work when we avoid chronic overwork
  • Notice how routine quiet time helps improve your ability to think and plan
  • Design proactive steps to better manage upticks in work
  • Discover how vacations can help you improve delegation
  • Find more time to “recharge.” Let us show you how!
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